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Everyone's a Casanova

November 20th, 2011 (03:43 pm)

Last night/this morning I got home from Maata Näkyvissä! (Land ahoy!) It's Finland's/Scandinvia's/Europe's biggest gospel music festival held in Turku. This was my fourth time there. I'm drop dead tired but happy. I love the athmosphere in the festival, everyone's cheering for every performer, no one's drunk, music is good if not awesome... Besides, I often feel like I'm the only Christian kid in Finland (over exaggeration?) but those 15 000 people over and under my age taking part in the communion prove me wrong every time. (:

Missä missä?Collapse )

One ring to rule them all...

November 12th, 2011 (11:10 am)

Whoops, bit of a delay here between updates... ^^' First, I didn't have pictures and then I didn't have time to update. But now I have both, so here you go! :D Me and my best friend Lissu celebrated our 5-year anniversary two weeks ago. Our party was hardcore: I painted Lissu's nails, we went shopping and saw the new Three Musketeers movie. Oh Orlando Bloom, Y U NO ACT GOOD?!

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As long as we're together gonna kick some ass!

October 17th, 2011 (01:42 pm)

I'm on holiday! Ok, ok, this is a "you don't have classes at school but you're supposed to study at home" week. I was planning on skipping the you're supposed to study -part but I'd rather not fail any courses. Well, I'm done studying for today so it's LJ time! I've got a few pictures of my best friend's nails. She's my nail model! <3 Here's a sneak peak

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October 15th, 2011 (03:12 pm)

Sooo, after six months of consideration, I finally started a nail blog. (Tiia and MJ, spread the word!) I play the piano so for practical reasons I don't have super-mega-foxy-awesome long nails like most nail bloggers. All you girls out there who have short nails but love nail art anyways, this blog is a place for you! Hopefully this will live longer than my former attempt to have a blog. I'm starting with pictures of old (and even older) nails. Later on you'll hopefully see some step-by-step pics. 

Here's a picture of my most recent nails:

Three shades of green and some white dots. Nail art for my liking: (somewhat) easy to make and yet it looks great! (:

Close up on thumbs.

If you've made your way to my blog, tell me what you think. I will dive into the wonderful world of Glee. :D

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